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Canción de history channel we can do anything

Si estas aquí es que seguramente estabas viendo algo de History Channel y escuchaste tan sólo un pedazo de canción y aún más profético sólo aprendiste "We can do anything".


Me pasó lo mismo.

Bien pues parece ser que el autor del tema es Blues Saraceno y se titula If You Believe.

Lyric - If You Believe | Blues Saraceno

Are we strong enough?
Can we make the cut?
Can we cross the finish line
Make it out in time

Can we pass the bar
Can we make the grade
Can we make it on our own
Make in all alone

Can we pull it off
Can we save the day
When we start to recognize
And start to realize

We can do anything
we can be anyone
Just close your eyes and try
To see

We can do anything
We can be anyone
Just close your eyes and try
To see

If you believe

Da da da da... (2x)
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